Investment Option 2019 , Equity, Shares, commodities, Gold

You need to know where should you invest your money wisely so that your assets grow and genarate good returns.

People choose different investment options like Equity,Real state, Diamonds,Gold,Silver,Commodities,Carbon,credits,Forex etc.

Best Investment Options


Buying a share of company means buying a small ownership of that company or Enterprise.
There is approx 630,000 companies are traded publically throughout the stock exchanges around the world.
Out of more than 5000 companies are listed in BSE/NSE ,there are literally hundreds good companies growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) than 15 to 18%.
This means their net profits Earning per share are doubling  in every 3 to 4 years.
So, investment in good growing equity is an investment in an active growing dynamic assets,always increasing in real value.

2.DEBT:As an investment option

Generally the rates leads the rate of inflation.This worm of inflation eats into your purchasing power.Hence debt hardly gives you a return if you are tax payer.The return may be negative.

To stop loss you should must avoid lending to -:
•Private companies
•Small listed companies
•Private and Co-operative Banks

For the best returns you must go with:-
•Fixed Deposits
•Public Provident Funds
•Liquid mutual funds
•Govts. Bonds

Risk in lending to Govt. Post offices is,Nationalized Banks are apparently very little.But,there is 100% risk of getting very little or no real returns.
In this era of falling interest rate scenario is very grim for those retired people who depend 100% on debt for their livelihood.

So,the debt should not be main principal long term investment option.You can invest in if you want safe investment.

3.Real Estate

In real estate lands are not manufactured.It is tangible,indestructible, can't be stolen physically.So,this one of the best investment option for higher returns.

As,we know that India's poppulation is increasing day by day and so the urbanization percentage of india increased from 20 to 40% resulting a great demand for urban land.

This has set the prices upwards in almost all urban areas.

In the places like US where land per capita is ten times more than India,land prices have been stangent.

•Major problems in Real Estate

1.You need a massive amount of money to buy a bed room set flat or sq. ft. Land in a reasonable locality in your city.

2. Transactions of R.E are always risky because of problems in title disputes.There are many frauds noticed.

3. You need aexpert guidance and lots of knowledge of area and asset where you are going to invest.

4. Transaction cost are high i.e around 10% around.

5. Out dated tenacy laws make it difficult to give on rent.

6. Social risk of encroachment.

7. Every property buyers and seller is unique. Two identical or adjoining flats may fetch quite different prices depending upon needs, circumstances, backgrounds of buyers and sellers.

And, in this age we all have dream of owning a house is lifelong ambition matter of sentimental--emotional satisfaction for almost everyone.


Diamonds are forever.
Diamonds are defined by 4Cs, namely colour, clarity, cut and carat.

It is found in Botswana,US and Russia etc. Some of biggest companies in Diamonds business are Dee Beers,Alrosa.

First of all, diamonds are all priced per carat. So, lets say a 0.50 carat diamond has a price of $1400 per carat. That diamond's price for the stone would be $1400 * 0.50, or $700. Secondly, diamond prices per carat increase as you jump up to higher weight categories. According to recent data.

Largest Diamond‘The cullinan’ of 3106 carats weighing 0.60kg was found in South Africa.

It has no fungibility,every single Diamond is unique.Being brittle, it could be easily scratched,damaged. It makes it difficult to maintain.

Large number of variables in quality makespricing difficult,subjective. Hence,no loan is given against Diamonds as security. You should have complete knowledge to buy diamond.
 So,diamonds are not safe options to invest for all people. you

5. Gold “ Gold always glitters"

The 87% of global trading of spot gold futures and options across the world is controlled by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) which is the largest center for trading of gold.

The banks trading firms in India like SBI, Novascotia, MMTC etc buygold at LBMA rate, add import duty, taxes and sell to local jewellers.

In 2015 total gold extracted by mining is 3158 tons in which top mining countries are:-
1.China-458 tons
2.Australia-275 tons
3. Russia-252 tons
4. U.S.-216 tons

And the top consumers of gold ate:-

1. China-1040 Tons
2. India-850 tons
3.U.S.-193 tons
4.Germany-124 tons
5.Thailand-90 tons

In India 10g of 24k gold (99.9%): 32,725 INR as recent data.

In 1980 gold was trading at $850/ ounce while silver was trading at $50/ounce. The ratio Gold:Silver was 1:17 meaning Gold was 17 times costlier than Silver.

In 1990 Gold plummeted to $380 / ounce while silver dived to $4/ounce.The ratio gold:silver became 1 :95 . The average ratio for gold : silver for the 20th century was 1: 47.

Therefore, Gold is best option to invest in comparision  silver

We are concentrating on the gold as on investment option simply because it is one of the best Asset and also a investment option.

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