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Best Online Money Making Ideas

Go through these options and find out which one works for you.However money you earn depends on time and efforts invested on it by you.

1.Paid Writings

If you are good in writing and want to indulge your passion for writing,you can jot down articles for other blogs and sites such as weblogs,helium and payperpost.Writing an ebook can also be an good option .Ebooks are investment free with no cost of printing and shipping.If you have strong command over languages you can also become copy editor,where web master pay you to read article and to correct grammatical errors,sentence,fragments etc.l


The demand of teachers are increasing day by day.So,if you like helping and teaching others,e-teaching can be a earning tickest for you.All you need to become online tutor is expertise in your subject and work few hour per weeks.
Tutor vista, e-tutor,Smartthinking and Tutors.com are some of site which can help you to acheive your goal.

3.Affiliate Marketing/Reseller

Those who have knack of selling.One of the best method to make money online is to become affiliate/reseller.A affiliate person who gets commission for selling a every product he promotes,wheather through website ,youtube channel or through other avenue like ebay.You don'tneed to own product you just need to sign up with affiliate programme company like amazon affiliate,flipkart and ebay.

4.Buying/ Selling domain

Buying and selling domain is another way to make money online from home.It just requires very little investment of time and efforts.You can buy domains on registration prices or even cheaper and trade them at profit.However,always research on trusted sites like sedo.co.uk,afternic.com,ebay.com or other sites to hottest selling names.The best way to find good ones is use to terminated domain list which contain several expired names that are back in pool.


Freelancing is a great option for professional in their respective work and know how to satisfy their customer.Various freelancing project oriented sites allow companies which need help to describe their project.Freelancers and a small business offer bids,ideas or proposals,from which the buyers can choose what they find most websites like freelancer.com and elance provides all job from programming to data entry and designing.

6.Stock and Forex trading

Joining the stock market seems little bit risky.However,you can start small amount and continue researching till you gain experience in this area.After some experiences,it will become easy to earn from exchanging foreign currencies and stocks.Their rate fluctuate depending on their demand and  supply,and economic and political influences in country or world.In stock market the more time you put in,more you will earn.

7.You Tube

If you are a good actor or performer upload yourself on you tube .You can be a filmmaker,musician,comedian or a person who wants to share his knowledge worldwide who wants an wider audience.your earning will come from ads displayed on your video page.This process is similar to the pay per click advertising program common to their blogs or websites.Sites like flixya and mediaflix can be helpful in this regard.You can also google ads and google adsense program for audience and earning.

8.Selling photos

If you enjoy photography and having a good camera,you could be sitting on a huge reserve of revenue.There are many people who will be interested in your collection of images.Nowadays,its easy to take your photos to public,providing a convenient way to build a secondary way to build a secondary income stream.Many photo agencies like fotolia,dreamstime and shutterstock offer people to earn from their photos.

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